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Peter Puck Rules

  1. Each player must pay entry fee of $240 no later than the third game of the season. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!! Any team using a player who has remained unpaid after this game will forfeit any points! Any player who has not paid league fees by November 1st can be replaced.
  2. Helmets must be worn, no slapshots or body checking!!!!
  3. Minor penalties shall be 3 minutes straight time.
  4. A player assessed 3 minor penalties in one game shall be ejected from that game. (No suspension)
  5. A major penalty is an automatic game suspension.
    - 1st Offence: 2 Game Suspension
    - 2nd Offence: League Suspension (Pending meeting of team reps)
  6. Any major penalties may be reviewed by committee.
  7. Any player assessed a major penalty, team to play short-handed for 5 minutes.
  8. A match penalty will be considered a major penalty.
  9. Any player assessed a game misconduct will sit out the remainder of that game (no suspension).
  10. Any player assessed a game misconduct, team to play short-handed for 3 minutes.
  11. Any harassment from the playerís bench will result in a player receiving a 3 minute unsportsmanlike penalty. Further abuse will result in ejection from that game. (no suspension, no additional team penalty).
  12. Simultaneous penalties, neither team will play short-handed.
  13. Play-offs: Major penalty - minimum 2 game suspension and review!
  14. A penalty called as an attempt to injure results in ejection from the game and 1 game suspension. Team will play short handed for 5 minutes.
  15. Any attempt to injure in the final game of the playoffs: 6 game suspension and fine of $50.00 to be enforced the following season!
  16. Physical or verbal abuse of the officials WILL NOT be tolerated and suspension will take effect immediately with review by the committee!
  17. Any complaint filed by the officials to the league about a player's behavior either during or after play will result in immediate suspension and a review by the committe!
  18. Any physical or verbal confrontations occuring off the ice after a game will result in a 2 game suspension. This infraction can be reported by any player in the league.
  19. Any player in the judgment of the official to be intoxicated shall not be allowed to play.
  20. High-sticking the puck will result in a stoppage of play with no penalty.
  21. A slap-shot is considered anything above the player's knee at the discretion of the official. No penalty. Face-off in offending teamís end of ice.
  22. The final 2 minutes of a regulation game may be played using stop-time when the difference between team scores is 2 goals or less. The team that wants stop time is responsible for running the clock.
  23. All games will be finished regardless of the number of players on the ice.
  24. The no red line rule is in effect.
  25. During Round Robin a spare goalie can be used. You can not use the same spare goalie for more than one game. The final game must have a league goalie. (League meeting for special circumstances.)
  26. Absolutely NO SMOKING inside the rec. centre!