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Sunday Night Hockey

The Stirling Peter Puck Hockey League is a men's hockey league that runs out of the Stirling District Recreation Centre in Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario. Home of the Stirling Blues.

The league has been running since 1973. Currently there are 84 players on 6 teams. The league holds a draft every year. Once you are in the league you hold your spot for the following year. Those wanting to get in will need to put their name on the waiting list. 

There is a friendly level of competitiveness. Body checking and slapshots are not allowed. Each game is refereed by two officials.  The league runs from the first weekend in October to the last weekend of March. All games are played on Sunday nights except for the final playoff tournament which is played on a Saturday.

The playoffs begin in the month of March. All teams make the playoffs. A three game round robin eliminates two of the teams. The year wraps up with the four remaining teams playing an single game elimination tournament followed by a league dance that night.

Peter-Puck-smlThe league was named after the Peter Puck cartoon character who first appeared on Hockey Night in Canada the same year the league started. The character retired in 1980 but the league has lived on.